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by Doug Beaver
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In the Century 21 Olde Tyme Office
1261 6th. Street, #A
Norco, CA. 92860
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Mobil Notary Rates

Professional Accurate Notary and Loan Doc Signing Services


** Basic Fee’s **


Basic Notary Fee’s Performed in our Office                                                      $10 per signature

Basic Loan Signing Performed at office address First Set of Doc’s                     $50.00 1st Set Doc’s

Basic Fee’s Loan Signing second set of Doc’s ( 2nd Mortgage etc. )                  $25.00 2nd Set Doc’s

Copy Fee for EDoc’s Includes Borrowers Copy and Original To 125 Pgs.        $35.00 2 Copies

Copy Fee’s over 125 pages per Doc, Borrowers copy and Loan Doc               $25.00 Adtn’l page
Note Basic Loan Signing above assumes that Doc's are delivered to my office. Otherwise Edoc Fee's apply

** Mobile Doc and Notary Fee’s, Performed off site or not at business address above. **


Basic Mobile Fee within 20 miles of Office Address.                                         $40.00

Notary Fee’s Performed at site                                                                         $10.00 Per Signature

Mobil Loan Signing within 20 Miles                                                                   $85.00 1st Set Doc’s

Mobil Loan Signing second set of Doc’s ( 2nd Mortgage Etc. )                          $40.00  2nd Set Doc’s

Fee for EDoc’s Includes Borrowers Copy and Original, To 125 Pgs                  $35.00 2 Copies

Copy Fee’s over 125 pages per Doc, Borrowers copy and Loan Doc               $25.00 Adtn’l pages

Week End and Holiday Signing first Set of Doc’s                                               $130.00 1st Set

Week End and Holiday Signing second set of Doc’s                                          $65.00   2nd Set.
** Holiday and week end rates waived if we do 4 or more signing per month **

** Note Edoc fee's are extra the $85.00 rate assumes you supply all copies of the doc's **

All Travel over 20 miles is quoted by the Job and time of signing.


Note above services include calling borrower to make sure they have all that is required to complete signing as well as ID or witness’s available for Notarized Doc’s We also confirm the appointment and time. I have had a recent background check and been fingerprinted by both the Department of Real Estate and The Secretary of State ! Well before the required date of January 1, 2007 I will have on file a certified background check as required by recomendation of all title companies as well.




If cancelled within 2 hours of the signing all fee's are waived except the edoc fee's once the doc's have been printed. Any cancelations with less than 2 hours notice then 50% of all fee's are due and payable. If canceled at site by the buyer or other agents then fee's are due in full. In addition if the loan does not fund all fee's are due and payable. The only exception to this rule is if it is agreed in writing. Note all signing services if you want me to do these signing for free in case the loan does not fund, Then let's negotiate a fee schedule and vloume of business that allows me to take the same risk as you.

We Reserve the right to cancel any signing for a company whose payment track record is blemished. We will verify your companies payment history through various web chats etc. We will give you the benefit of the dought unless over compelling evidence presents itself that you do not pay your bills. Any payment plan that is over thirty days is unacceptable. we can accept Pay Pal or checks made out to Life Saving Services. We know you will be pleased with our accurate and thourough service. In the event we make a mistake ( this does not include missing doc's emailed to us ) we will do the signing at no cost to you. This is our service pledge.

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